Kindle Paperwhite – Review

Kindle has always been my preferred reading platform, and today we’re gonna map out the pros and cons of the Kindle I currently own, the Paperwhite. I have the “New” Paperwhite, so that is the only one I can accurately review. If you buy a Paperwhite from Amazon you are getting the “New” version, so this review will be accurate. If you own the previous model and for whatever reason are reading reviews, some of this might not be applicable.


Size: 6.7″x4.6″x0.36″
Weight (wi-fi version): 7.2 ounces
Display: 6″ diagonal, 300 pixels per inch, 16-level grayscale, LED frontlit
Storage memory: 4GB
Page turns: Touchscreen
Number of fonts: 7
Display lighting: Manually adjustable front-lighting

So what does all this mean, really? To me, it means that you have a reading platform that is superior in almost every conceivable way to a conventional book. The Paperwhite is smaller and much thinner than most books. It is easily slid into a jacket or backpack pocket. Additionally, it weighs a mere seven ounces, and can carry hundreds of books. This gives unmatched flexibility, not only of content, but also in how you want to read. Eyes a bit tired? Turn down the light, and enlarge the font. Don’t like your book? Switch to or buy a different one in moments. The Kindle versions of most books are also cheaper than their paper counterparts.

In terms of battery life, this Kindle scores well. It will last a week at least, reading for about an hour a day. In my experience, brightness has a massive impact on battery life, so during the day turn your brightness down!

If you’ve never read with Kindles, Paperwhites are a good place to start. It has a no glare screen that simulates actual paper. Compared to something like an iPad the Paperwhite is smooth and soothing on the eyes. I’ve never noticed any eye-strain while reading on it.

I have no real complaints with the Paperwhite. The touch-screen is solid, interface is intuitive, and the reading is excellent. On the flip-side, nothing stands out as absolutely ball-to-the-wall fantastic. This is a just a good, solid product, well worth the cost. Accordingly, I’ve scored the Paperwhite 6.8/10.


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